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In test: Ford Fusion 2.0 EcoBoost read more
  • Ford Fusion (Europe) 2.0 EcoBoost

Little four-cylinder gets plenty of power thanks Chiptuning Ford Fusion EcoBoost. Since the motor has been developed ...

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Another SUV in Test : VW Amarok 2.0 TDI BiTurbo read more
  • VW Amarok 2.0 TDI BiTurbo

Whether Life-style or working vehicle with Chiptuning VW Amarok 2.0 TDI BiTurbo is that workhorse a solid racehorse. We were ...

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Try it now: Jeep Renegade 2.0 MultiJet2 read more
  • Jeep Renegade 2.0 l MultiJet2

More than just a simple, convenient off-road vehicle through our Chiptuning Jeep Renegade 2.0 MultiJet2. The yield from Jeeps...

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VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI read more
  • VW Scirocco III 2.0 TDI (CR)

Chiptuning VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI. Testing, we as always attached great importance facing everyday-suitability, these had to be ...

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Peugeot 308 1.6 THP 150 read more
  • Peugeot 308 1.6 THP 150

Along help of chiptuning Peugeot 308, such Frenchman would finally keep pace with German competitors. Peugeots engineers ...

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The VW UP 1.0 TSI in Test read more
  • VW Up 1.0 TSI

With Chiptuning VW UP its wolf in sheeps clothing. Granted, when you see such, normally there is no need be feared for ...

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In test: VW Beetle 2.0 TDI read more
  • VW Beetle 2.0 TDI DPF

With Chiptuning VW Beetle it goes high. This new "Käfer" has a long transmission ratio, which reduces engines noise level, ...

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BMW 5 Series 535i (F10) read more
  • BMW 5er (F10) 535i (after 3/2011)

The elegant and dynamic design of the BMW 5 series proved to be unusual sustainable and timeless. The inline 6 cylinder with ...

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Software development for the BMW 3-series (F30) 328i read more
  • BMW 3er (F30) 328i

After a successful test with the specific developed software, we could achieve a power increase of 47 hp for the BMW 328i. ...

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The new Mercedes E400 (W212) at the dyno read more
  • Mercedes E-Class (W212) E400

CPA Chiptuning had the opportunity to test the new Mercedes E-class at the dyno. The six-cylinder petrol engine brings with ...

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In Test: Nissan Frontier 2.5 dCi read more
  • Nissan Frontier 2.5 dCi

The four-cylinder Nissan Frontier with standard 190 hp is one of the strongest in the pick-up family. He convinces by its ...

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Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi in Test read more
  • Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi

The Duster is located in the middle class field of SUVs and speaks with its low purchase price and the big space for ...

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Performance Increase: Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Si4 read more
  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Si4

The innately pithy sounding 4-cylinder with integrated sound generator was at CPA for testing. By the CPA PowerBox and ...

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In test: Mercedes SLK 250 CDI read more
  • Mercedes SLK (R172) 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY

The Mercedes SLK 250 CDI is the first in its class. Long before the developers were afraid to pack such a diesel engine in a ...

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BMW 3 (F30) 325d and the PowerBox Nitro read more
  • BMW 3er (F30) 325d

Already in factory output is the Munich Limousine pithy and sporty to drive. After extensive and intensive testing, our ...

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Daily test with the BMW 320d (E90) 130 kW read more
  • BMW 3er (E90) 320d

The 3-series BMW convinced very strongly by its distinctive, sporty look and its high torque. The good performance on the ...

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In test - the BMW 650i read more
  • BMW 6er (F06) 650i Grand Coupé

A great driving experience offered by the BMW 650i. With Integral Active Steering, Adaptive Drive one has new options for ...

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Porsche Cayenne tested at CPA read more
  • Porsche Cayenne (92A) Diesel

The “Zuffenhausener“ is one of the strongest SUV on the market. Porsche is also characterized by elegance and quality. ...

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BMW 316i F30 read more
  • BMW 3er (F30) 316i

Due to rear wheel drive and powerful engines the BMW 3 Series is considered as the sportiest middle class car. Under the hood...

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The Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI with the CPA PowerBox read more
  • Ford Mondeo V 2.0 Duratorq TDCi

With the own developed, engine specific software by CPA engineers, a power increase of up to 27% can be achieved with our ...

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CPA PowerBox for the Audi A6 (C7) 3.0 TDI clean diesel read more
  • Audi A6 (C7) 3.0 TDI clean diesel quattro

With it’s already standard 218 hp, the in Neckarsulm produce Audi A& (C7), has no need to hide. But in combination with our...

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