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Chiptuning BMW 5er (E39) 2000-2003

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
BMW 5er (E39) 520d 1951 ccm 136 HP 100 kW 280 Nm
BMW 5er (E39) 525d 2497 ccm 163 HP 120 kW 350 Nm M57 256 D1
BMW 5er (E39) 530d 2926 ccm 184 HP 135 kW 390 Nm M57 D30
BMW 5er (E39) 530d 2926 ccm 193 HP 142 kW 410 Nm M57 D30
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
BMW 5er (E39) 520i 2171 ccm 170 HP 125 kW 210 Nm
BMW 5er (E39) 525i 2494 ccm 192 HP 141 kW 245 Nm
BMW 5er (E39) 530i 2979 ccm 231 HP 170 kW 300 Nm
BMW 5er (E39) 535i 3498 ccm 245 HP 180 kW 345 Nm
BMW 5er (E39) 540i 4398 ccm 286 HP 210 kW 440 Nm
BMW 5er (E39) M5 4941 ccm 400 HP 294 kW 500 Nm

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