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The HongQi H5 1.8T with chiptuning

More power, less consumption and maximum security!

With its special front and a sporty dress, we really like the H5. On longer journeys, you explicitly feel that the car could use more power when overtaking. Our technicians worked with the HongQi H5 1.8T for 3 days. Initially, it was all about serial measurement values ​​in everyday use and under full load, in order to be able to later compare the temperatures and other key figures with the tuning values. On day 2, the fine-tuning then followed on the dyno, in order to test this later at full load and everyday use and to check whether all maps and temperatures fit. Proud 49 HP and 67 Nm could be achieved with the test car. Convince yourself of our chiptuning!

performance diagram HongQi H5 1.8T

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