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Infiniti QX50 (II) 2.0t chiptuning

Chiptuning for a sporty station wagon!

After extensive test drives and tests on the dyno, the power of the QX50 could be increased by up to 72 HP and 102 Nm and that with little additional wear - so that nothing bar the way to a long car life. We are convinced in the area of ​​power increase with our know-how and experience from racing to be unique and also our extensive tests, explicitly in the thermal area. Heat development is an important topic when increasing the power of turbo engines. It must always be ensured that the tuning does not lead to increased heat development. For us, the focus is on safety and not just on additional power. Test our tuning, it works.

performance diagram Infiniti QX50 (II) 2.0t

Infiniti : Further testing

  • Infiniti Q60 2.0t

Real-time performance map optimization boosts the in-line four-cylinder performance to up to 266 horsepower and 444NM. Convince yourself today of CPA Chiptuning and experience more driving pleasure in your Q60.

  • Infiniti Q50S 3.0t

Infiniti Q50S 3.0t chiptuning with the PowerBox from CPA Performance with perfectly coordinated tuning software. Convince yourself of the great interaction of PowerBox and Pedalbox with the CPA ConnectiveSystem.

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