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Chiptuning: More Power and Agility for the BMW 3 Series M340i

Motor-specific Software Development

The BMW 3 Series M340i is already an impressive vehicle, but with chiptuning, you can get even more out of your car. Tuning improves the driving behavior and makes the car more responsive and agile. You will be amazed at how quickly and precisely the car responds. Chiptuning increases the engine's power and optimizes the engine electronics tuning. The result is significantly better acceleration and higher top speed. A power increase of up to 30 PS and more is quite possible. Of course, you want to be sure that your car is still safe and reliable even after tuning. That's why the motor protection remains intact through the engine control unit, and you can drive worry-free. Experience the full potential of your BMW 3 Series M340i with chiptuning and enjoy the additional power and agility on the road. Have your car tuned by a professional and find out what your car is really capable of.

performance diagram BMW 3er (G20) M340i xDrive

BMW : Further testing

  • BMW X3 (G01) xDrive20d

High-quality interior and great appearance combined with high-quality chiptuning from CPA Performance. With our chiptuning products you get additional 53 HP and 111 NM.

  • BMW 3er (G20) M3 Competition

With the products from CPA you can get a great power increase for your BMW M3. Test the CPA ConnectiveSystem for more power at the push of a button.

  • BMW 6er (F06) 650i Grand Coupé

Fast, digital map optimization with the PowerBox of CPA. With the CPA PowerBox the BMW 650i gets more power.

  • BMW 4er 420d (F32 F33 F36)

More Power and a fantastic driving experience with our PowerBox. The PowerBox with individually developed, engine-specific software.

  • BMW 5er (G30) 530d

We tested the BMW 530 D on the road and the test bench and developed engine-specific software that boosts the performance of your BMW up to 333 hp and 779 NM.

  • BMW X5 (G05) M

PowerBox for an increase in power and the pedal box to optimize throttle response. With the help of long-term tests, an individual chiptuning for the BMW X5 M can be developed.

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